Client Feedback

‘Need your website built by a true professional?’

Venus Supplies“Our business depends very much on our web presence. Our old website was not pulling the traffic we had anticipated. What we really wanted was a website to stand out from our competitors, together with the right words to really communicate with our customers.

“From our experience, larger web design companies lacked the personal touch, as well as expertise. In other words if you choose a large design company it is as good as buying a ready made suit or a factory made pair of shoes. On the other hand, if you choose tailor or hand-made products they are designed to fit you perfectly.

“That is what Chris Mole is capable of doing. He will understand your business, research the competition and like a true craftsman who takes pride in his job, will deliver on time a made-to-measure website that will fit your business like a made-to-measure suit or a pair of handmade shoes made just for you.

“When was the last time that you had a pair of shoes made for you? Have a pair made for you and you will see the difference. Have Chris Mole build your website and see the difference!”
Harry Zachariadis, Managing director, Venus Supplies Ltd.

“I have worked with Chris Mole for a number of years in developing several websites for our business operations. Chris has proven to have considerable ability in developing very good, clean, fully functioning websites, particularly for small and medium sized businesses.

“Our website requirements have included clear, well-written text, combined with quality graphics and logo branding, as well as linking to online payment options. Chris has very efficiently and promptly met our requirements and built our websites to a very high standard and in a truly professional manner.”

Neil Butler, Managing Director, Zeal Extracts Ltd, Better Business Bureau Ltd

Alex Barton“Chris - you are a megastar - no two ways about it. You have created the most fantastic website for me - a website I think is absolutely perfect and if I’d known how to describe it to you I would have chosen it exactly. I am thrilled to bits with it.

“But even more important to me … for someone who is completely clueless and also nervous about putting up a website and not having any idea at all about what I really wanted … you have been my counsellor and mentor and that has been absolutely invaluable. I don’t know how you kept your patience sometimes and you were amazing the way you always responded to my emails so quickly.”
Alex Barton - Bristol, UK

Rod Hill “Chris Mole designed our website and also wrote the sales copy. I was amazed how quickly we started getting enquiries and I’m sure it is due to the quality of the web pages Chris put together. This is the best way to advertise our steel-frame kitset homes – far more effective than newspaper advertising. I am receiving at least 20 inquiries every day directly off the website, which is really pleasing at the early stages of setting up the company. I refer other potential clients to Chris as I know they will get a well presented website that will create the same positive results that we are receiving.”
Rod Hill - Christchurch, NZ

“I had two new businesses to get off the ground, and two new websites that needed designing. I came across Chris Mole immediately liked what I saw. The outcome exceeded my expectations. Chris listened to everything I asked and made it happen. With both websites, he came through with more than I could have hoped for! Thank you Chris for all your time and efforts. It has certainly been good value for money and just what I needed. I recommend you to all!
Phill Sadgrove - Auckland, NZ

“Chris, I reckon I’ve had more enquiries over the last month, since you re-wrote my website, than I had all of last year. I was looking at my site’s statistics over the weekend and I don’t really seem to be getting a lot more hits but those that are visiting must be liking what they see. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to what you did for me.” Nigel Alsop - Christchurch, NZ

“Chris, thank you for the time and 100% effort you put into writing for our new business and website. The copy is absolutely brilliant, you had no problem whatsoever in communicating with us and putting into words our message to help sum up our new business perfectly. Chris, may we add, when it comes to providing service you are one out of the bag. Just outstanding would sum you up. Should anyone we know be looking for a copywriter we will be recommending no one other than Chris Mole.
Paul and Marie McGahan - Auckland, NZ